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1.1.         LOOPMANIA S.R.L., a limited liability company, incorporated and functioning according to Romanian laws, headquartered in Baia Mare City, 6 Tâmplarilor Street, ap. 3, Maramureș County, registered with the Maramureș Trade Registry under no. J24/1813/2019, tax identification code 41738782, sole identification number at the European Level (EUID) ROONRC.J24/1813/2019, e-mail address, telephone number 0773742969, represented by Edith-Maria Farcas, in her capacity as Director (hereinafter referred to as “LOOPMANIA” or the “Seller”) is the owner and the manager of the online store         (“Website”).

1.2.        LOOPMANIA is an online store offering items such as crafts, custom-made crafts, semi-precious jewelry, custom-made semiprecious jewelry, miscellaneous products (packaging, raw materials), printed clothing and products (including mugs), digital art, custom-made digital art, custom-made software, and any other products to be periodically published on the Website (“Products”).

1.3.        The operating hours of LOOPMANIA are Monday - Friday: 10:30 - 19:00 | Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00 | Sunday: Closed.

1.4.        LOOPMANIA offers users ("Users") access to the online store and allows the use of the Website, subject to their acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, which aim to regulate the use of the Website, as well as the contractual relations between LOOPMANIA and Users who buy Products from the Website ("Buyers").

1.5.        By accessing, using the Website, checking the “I accept” box at the bottom of the Website pages, or purchasing any Products through our online store, it is considered that you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

1.6.        LOOPMANIA reserves the right to supplement or modify any information within the online store without notifying the Users in advance. However, any change to the Terms & Conditions will be announced immediately by publishing this document in an updated form on the Website, in which respect please read the Terms & Conditions periodically.

1.7.        At the same time, please carefully read the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy on the Website, as certain personal data may be processed through the Website.


2.1.        The Website contains information about the Products offered by LOOPMANIA.

2.2.        By using the Website, Users understand and agree that LOOPMANIA is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights over the content of the Website, including, but not being limited to, articles, texts, photographs, illustrations, audio files/video, trademarks, designs, models, digital artwork, software, applications, music files, digital games, e-books or other electronic publications. Users will not use this information in any way, unless they have obtained the express prior written approval of LOOPMANIA.

2.3.        No part of the content of the Website may be reproduced, distributed or published, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of LOOPMANIA. By using the Website, Users agree not to modify, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on the information published on the Website, in any way without the prior express written consent of LOOPMANIA.

2.4.        The only way for Users to use the content of the Website, unless LOOPMANIA expressly consents to other uses, is to use it for personal purposes, by downloading, printing and storing this print for personal use, temporary storage, display information published on the Website on a computer screen or on a mobile phone. Users are not allowed to make any link to another website without the prior express written consent of LOOPMANIA.


3.1.        The intention of Users to buy, expressed by launching an order on the Website, implies that the Users declare that they have the legal capacity to conclude legal deeds, as follows: they are 18 years old, or they are 14 years old and have the consent of their parents or guardian.

3.2.        By registering an order on the Website, the Buyer agrees with the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which LOOPMANIA carries out its commercial operations.

3.3.        The notification received by the Buyer, after making the order, has the role to inform and does not represent the acceptance of the order. This notification is made electronically (e-mail) or by telephone.

3.4.        The contract between LOOPMANIA and the Buyers is a distance contract, which shall be concluded at the moment of confirmation, on a durable medium (for example, electronic mail), by LOOPMANIA of the acceptance of the order sent by the Buyer.

3.5.        The Buyer becomes the owner of the Products and the related risks are transferred after delivery, respectively after signing the shipping documents.


4.1.        Users have the opportunity to create a user account on the Website and you may be required to be logged in to the account and have a valid payment method associated with it.

4.2.        You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your account, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.


5.1.        The prices are displayed on the page dedicated to each Product, do not contain VAT, and do not include delivery costs unless this aspect is expressly specified or is offered as a bonus for large orders. If the price is not displayed, you will have the opportunity to request an offer and an operator of LOOPMANIA will communicate the price to you as soon as possible.

5.2.        The price printed on the invoice is the same as the one published on the Website or provided by the operators of LOOPMANIA when confirming the order.

5.3.        Payment methods are available on the order launch page.


6.1.        The content published on the Website is indicative. The characteristics of the Products and the related technical documentation displayed on the Website are made available by the manufacturer and suppliers. Product images are displayed as a presentation.

6.2.        The Products are available in stock. However, LOOPMANIA cannot guarantee the availability of the published Products at all times. Users and Buyers shall be duly informed on the availability of the ordered Products before the delivery confirmation.

6.3.        The Products will be delivered in maximum 7 calendar days from the delivery confirmation or can be picked up from the LOOPMANIA headquarters in Baia Mare City, 6 Tâmplarilor Street, ap. 3, Maramureș County, if these are in stock.

6.4.        Delivery time for Products is 48-72 hours from delivery confirmation.

6.5.        An order can be placed at any time, but the processing period is from Monday to Friday from 8-16 hours, except on public holidays.

6.6.        The Products available in the LOOPMANIA online store can be delivered by Romanian Post or by courier, as follows:

Romanian Post - the price will be paid in advance by bank transfer or cash on delivery - 12 LEI;

Courier - the price will be paid in advance by bank transfer or cash on delivery - 18 LEI.

6.7.        Physical deliveries are made door-to-door, by express courier. There may be delays compared to the delivery time set at the time of order confirmation; in this case, LOOPMANIA does not undertake any responsibility on behalf of the post office or courier companies.

6.8.       Based on the pieces of information held by LOOPMANIA and those provided by the Buyer, an invoice will be issued for the Products to be delivered. At the same time, the package will be accompanied by the documentation provided by law for the ordered Product(s), as the case may be: certificate/declaration of conformity, guarantee certificate, instructions for use, etc.

6.9.        Other delivery details are provided on the relevant order page.


7.1.        The Buyers are entitled to withdraw from the contract for any reason and without a justification within 14 days as of the Products’ delivery date. In case of an order for multiple Products, the 14 days’ time period shall be calculated from the delivery date of the last Product.

7.2.        In this case, LOOPMANIA shall return any amount paid by the Buyer, including delivery costs, except for additional costs due to the fact that the Buyer has chosen a different delivery method than the cheapest standard delivery type LOOPMANIA offers. Standard delivery is considered the free delivery offered by LOOPMANIA for orders over 300 LEI.

7.3.        The Buyer shall return the Product(s) within 14 days as of the date when the Buyer communicated its intention to withdraw from the contract. The time limit is met if the Products are returned by the Buyer before the expiry of the 14-day period, either by sending the Products, or by handing them directly to LOOPMANIA in the location from Baia Mare City, 6 Tâmplarilor Street, ap. 3, Maramureș County.

7.4.        LOOPMANIA shall carry out the refund using the same payment method as the one used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed to another refund method.

7.5.        In any case, you will not be charged any fees as a result of such a refund.

7.6.        We may defer refund until the date we receive the Products back or until the time you provide Us with proof that you have returned the Products, with the nearest date being valid.

7.7.        The Buyer is responsible for the integrity of the Products until it enters the possession of LOOPMANIA. The Buyer is responsible for diminishing the value of the Products resulting from handling, shipping and returning to LOOPMANIA.

7.8.        At the request and with the consent of the Buyer, LOOPMANIA can recommend to the Buyer the purchase of another Product of a quality and at a price equivalent to those ordered in the first order. The initial order will be canceled on the date of confirmation of the order of the Product(s) that replace the initial Product.

7.9.        In case the Buyer considers returning the Product, they shall not use it. You cannot use the Products delivered before making a decision to withdraw from the contract. The right of withdrawal exists to allow you to examine the Product as you would in a store, not to give you 14 days of free use.

7.10.     Products that:

a)            have been subject of a custom order;

b)           have been distinctly customized at the Buyer’s request;

c)            were made according to the Buyer's specifications (e.g.: painting the product in the color desired by the Buyer);

d)           appear to have signs of impact, damage, wear;

e)            have been unsealed and no longer have the original packaging intact, with all accessories and label intact;

f)            are rendered by any means in a condition unsuitable for resale,

cannot be returned.

7.11.      In order to exercise your right of withdrawal you must inform Us of your decision to withdraw from the contract, using an unequivocal statement, for example, a letter sent by post or e-mail.

Our contact details are: LOOPMANIA S.R.L., headquartered in Baia Mare City, 6 Tâmplarilor Street, ap. 3, Maramureș County, e-mail:, phone: 0773742969.

7.12.      In order to comply with the withdrawal time period, it is sufficient to send the communication on the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

8.            LIABILITY

8.1.        The Seller cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the Seller's fulfillment of any of its obligations under the order of Products and for damages resulting from the use of Products after delivery and in particular for their loss.

8.2.        By creating and using the account on the Website, the User/Buyer undertakes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of account data and for managing access to the account, and is responsible for the activity carried out through the respective account.

8.3.        Buyers have the obligation to provide real, correct and up to date information necessary for the processing of the order, otherwise LOOPMANIA has the right to refuse orders and is exonerated from liability.

8.4.       LOOPMANIA is not liable for prejudices caused without its fault, the malfunction of the Website or for those resulting from the inability to access the pages of the Website (for example, malfunctions of the Internet network) or in the event of force majeure, such as defined by the relevant regulations (for example, the occurrence of natural events, war, strikes, riots, hostilities, fires, epidemics, armed mobilization, etc.), the consequence of which is non-compliance with the obligations under the Terms & Conditions.


9.1.        These Terms & Conditions are governed by Romanian law.

9.2.        Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms & Conditions which cannot be amicably settled within 30 (thirty) calendar days as of its occurrence will be addressed to the competent courts in Romania.

Updated on 11/01/2020