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How I started Loopmania srl

At first it was a play… a fun that became a challenge. I made a bracelet and I liked it.

A necklace and earrings… were wonderful. I tried other models. I succeeded and they turned out beautiful, each in a different way, interesting and unique. My friends started asking me to do them too… I learned so slowly, but it was a problem… I didn't really want to get rid of them. Each was my "baby." They are all dear to me. From each piece I have a memory that lingers in my heart. My journey has not been easy but if you do something you like nothing does not seem very difficult or impossible. I am still learning to make different beautiful objects, either a promising one or a popcorn. Not every piece comes out perfectly, but even so they are beautiful and I think that even in imperfection lies beauty and uniqueness. If they were made by a car they would be the same but they wouldn't have that something, I don't know how to call it soul or

In each piece remains a particle of my soul and my passion…

I'm still in the beginning, I still have to learn but I like it.

I am so proud when I see my creations worn by acquaintances. They are not perfect but we humans are not and that is beauty. I will continue to learn to do things that I find wonderful.

I'm so glad I can brighten your day with a picture, maybe not everyone likes what I do but that's it, each with their own tastes.

I try to convey love and passion in every creation. If I managed to squeeze a smile out of you, it means that I have achieved my goal.

I love you all.